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The diversity of ethnicities and cultures in Leicester making it one of the most diverse and vibrant cities. The large Asian community has brought with it many interesting events that the city receives support. In addition to traditional festivities now famous Leicester also festivals like Holi, Diwali, Eid-ul-Fitr and of course, the Chinese New Year.


Partly because of this with two major universities around the town center nearby bars and clubs Leicester City are numerous and give a feeling of prosperity and beat him. The NME student guide for 2005 described it as "a real find for blinding food, beer, difficult tests of pub and lots of live music." Here there is food to supplement the 157 lines that sell drinks, live music, access the "Wi-Fi" on all field trials and Pub. Firebug is on Millstone Lane, between the Office of the Council and the former town hall. Bamboo, on the road from Welford in the offices of the Commission, is described as a relaxing coffee lounge that mixes mystery and unpretentious sophistication. The AquaLounge in Wellington Street, more or less in front of the Council offices is a bar, club and restaurant on 3 floors in a building, on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening and night club. If you want a pub in the center of traditional town, then head of Globe on Silver Street. Built in 1720, it serves projects of good beers, decent food and a warm and charming atmosphere.


Not in Leicester which is known as the "Golden Mile" of Asian food, so people are attracted from miles around to experience genuine Asian food. The Golden Mile is centered on Belgrave Road, leading north from the town of Haymarket bus station. Some people say that the nearest bus station is a place, plus the restaurant will be. Friends Tandoori is an award winning restaurant with main courses ranging from only £ 5 to £ 12 is close to Sanjay Curry Pot specializes in Indian cuisine / Portuguese of Goa in India region. Although technically a bar and restaurant, Mobius, on Braunstone Gate, serves an excellent blend of Mediterranean and Thai cuisine. It is a relaxing place to eat and produces authentic flavors of regional cooking it produces, using only the best products.


De Montfort Hall is probably the most famous landmark Leicester is almost a "brand" for the local town. Built in 1913 and recently renovated, can accommodate an audience of 1,500 seated or up to 2200 feet. And the inner room, there is an outdoor amphitheater that can accommodate up to 5000 he stage of classical music was jazz, blues, folk, rock and pop, as well as being a place for tourism concerts. The Haymarket Theatre in Leicester was one of the repertoire of well-known theaters in the country. Closed at the time, a new theater is built on Halford Street, which is due to open in spring 2007. However, complications in building research program as if the opening date is now postponed.

The Phoenix Centre Arts Newarke Street is a small community site offering a variety of entertainment. It is mainly used for watching movies and hosting comedy tours and musical performances. There are, of course, a café, which also hosts musical performances.

For live music, as well as De Montfort Hall, The Charlotte on Oxford Street is probably the largest and best known. Currently around 13 clubs to choose from in Leicester. It should be mentioned here is the Po Na Na, which in addition to its interesting name, is well known for being the place to go for Funk and House music. Two floors with two separate sound systems are a party spirit and enlightened place to be. Po Na Na is in Carey Close near the Jewish wall.

Leicester has three comedy clubs; Jongleurs (Granby Street), Ship of Fools (using a variety of steps including the Phoenix Arts Centre and Bottle Rocket (in Firebug

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