Arts Kung Fu Panda vs Real Martial

Kung Fu Panda is a film about a lazy panda, named Po, who is the biggest fan of Kung Fu around. Po's dreams become reality when he was chosen to fulfill and ancient prophecy and join the world of Kung Fu and study alongside his idols, the legendary Furious Five (Tigress, Mantis, Viper and Monkey) under the direction of their guru, master Shifu. However, snow leopard Tai Lung vengeful goes your way, and it is to Po to defend everyone in the Peace Valley in the oncoming threat. Po puts his heart and soul to the task, and the unlikely hero discovers that his greatest weaknesses turn out to be its greatest strength.

artial arts techniques are not magic, as some films may lead you to believe. General martial arts techniques include:

* Blocks

The blocks are designed to stop a strike opponent, usually with the arm.

* Footwork and Postures

Martial artists work on their footwork and positions widely. Postures are essential for the sport and traditional martial arts. An example of an approach that is used in more traditional styles of martial arts like Kung Fu and karate is the horse stance.

* The strikes

Striking martial arts generally refers to the offensive game up. In other words, punches, kicks, elbows, knees, headbutts, and so on. Of course, you can also use strikes in ground battles.

* Register

joint locks and choke locks are called tenders.
* Throws

Lances are a specific kind of fall that is defensive in nature. These are generally defined as maneuvers or martial arts techniques in which a practitioner lock with someone and uses his strength to bring them to the ground.

In the movie Kung Fu Panda, The Five battle Tai Lung, but they are finally defeated. All but the crane is paralyzed by a particularly nervous stroke technique. There is no magic secret contact combination that can actually cause a person to become completely immobilized. However, having said that, there are places in the body where the nerve passes through cross bone and muscular artery which can cause pain or loss of consciousness severe when the correct amount of pressure is applied.

During the film, Po tries to explain the wisdom of moving to a Tai Lung failed. However, Tai Lung Po uses his nervous breakdown and fail due largely cushioned Po stomach. Emboldened, Po against attacks, and uses the hold finger Wuxi, which is a technique in which Po flexes her fingers and allows a gold shock wave that radiates throughout the village and destroy Tai Lung. Of course, there is no such a technique in martial arts.

In Mandarin, the giant panda is called "Da Xiong Mao", and even though there are many different styles of martial arts animals that have evolved over the last 1500 years, there is a panda style up 'for now!

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