As a Burger King Marketing Strategy Will Help You Sell

It looks like they have that competitor - McDonalds - which is larger and has many more features. The more you have to work with, the better you are able to withstand temporary setbacks, swings in the economy, etc. Furthermore, you have more to spend on research products, find prime locations and all that kind of thing.

A brilliant solution to a huge problem, use their strength against them opponents!

A very important factor in the success or failure of a fast food restaurant is the location. McDonalds the resources to spend tens of thousands of dollars (it is the same in most other retail businesses as well.) - Perhaps hundreds of thousands - to hire scouts location, real estate agents who work exclusively for them, traffic studies, zonning and so on.

Burger King or not - or will not spend - money to find as good as those found by local McDonalds.

McDonalds after spending all this money, the chance to be a great location about 100%, so that Burger King has adopted a strategy to look at McDonalds - then open a location within a block or two of them!

The next time you see a Burger King, a look, there is a McDonalds just down the street! Guaranteed! Will the strategy work? You bet!

The point is, why reinvent the wheel? As a small business, you need every advantage you can get. To stumble in the dark? If you want to market your photo, find a successful photographer and do the same thing they do.

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