As Lego Has Developed A Global Brand

Lego Has Developed A Global Brand Began In 1932

If you look through the toy chest of a child, you will find pieces of Lego. In 2000, Lego has won a prestigious' Toy of the Century "by Fortune magazine, and by the Toy Retailers Association UK. He hit Action Man, Barbie and other popular toys.

The origins of the Lego Group began in 1932 when Ole Kirk Christiansen began making wooden toys for children. It took until 1958 for the Lego brick as we know to be designed. The colorful bricks were simple and durable; so they were ideal for children to play. The plastic brick can be pushed together to make a wall or other means that children can easily build or dismantle. Over the years the design has changed little and bricks now can still be locked with the bricks produced in 1958.

The bricks are so versatile that calculates Lego bricks that six to eight stud can be organized in different ways 915,103,763.

Lego bricks today are manufactured in the main plant of the company in Denmark. The bricks are produced with such accuracy that the company claims for every million bricks in only 18 are defective and removed.

After the original bricks were produced and son Christiansen successor Lego Duplo Lego Group designed the early 1960s for children. The next great leap in the creation of Lego is Lego figure in 1974. The small yellow numbers gave children a different way of playing with Lego. They could now move and interact with the Lego toy. Since 1974, billions of Lego figures were made from Walt Disney Lego watches.

Lego may seem old-fashioned by present day high-tech toys, but continues to develop, in collaboration with popular topics today. For example, in 2004, Lego launched Lego factory where everyone can design and build your own Lego and have it delivered to your home.

Lego has also joined forces with LucasArts for a video game publishing agreement that gave the company a new lease of life. Lego early 2000 has struggled to make an impact on the toy market ever. Worse Lego launched the TV series for children, an area that knew very little. The show was predictable and basically a sales pitch. With the company trying to enter new markets and designing new toys cost elements have gone through the roof.

The real problem was the new models are not very popular with children. Lego City line, since one of its most profitable business segments fell to only 3 percent of the total turnover of the company.

In 2005, Lego had begun to get your product right again. The products were manufactured only after a rigorous voting process and asked designers to work with non-creative people. Managers now guide the designers in which research data was discovered. In 2008, the line of the city had regained the top position in the album Lego claiming 20% ​​of the turnover of the company. The toys were returned to the essentials and toys that fire trucks fire trucks now seemed rather to spacecraft.

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