Aston Villa VS Leicester City Preview

Aston Villa Leicester City for the first time at Villa Park February 4, 1905 - A year in England Edwardian (Edward VII came to the throne there is a little more than three years after the death of Queen Victoria) when the account votes women were thrown by the European Parliament, the Automobile Association (AA) was founded and the "Penny post" established between the United Kingdom and Australia. The Russian Empire was at war with the Empire of Japan and Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany, said German rights in Africa, causing "Morocco crisis. Aston Villa, Birmingham, West Midlands, was formed there over 30 years - in 1874 - and were members of the Football League in 1888. Leicester City, the East Midlands founder, started life as Leicester Fosse, Villa ten years later - in 1884 - and did not change its name until 1919 after the Leicester city status restored.

Thus, the games between these two teams are technically derby games Midlands, although from different parts of the Midlands of England: East meets West. The first match was a draw in the first round of the FA Cup, played in front of 25,000 and Villa won 5.1. Two goals from Villa that day were scored by Joe Bache, a boy of Stourbridge, who was one of the greatest of all time advanced center of Aston Villa. It is the fourth in the all-time goal list with 168 goals in 431 league matches and 17 goals in 42 appearances FA Cup like this. He also played seven times for England, scoring four goals. During the First World War, Bache joined the Royal Garrison Artillery and served on the Western Front.

Aston Villa first played Leicester (also known as Leicester Fosse at that time) in the league, 31 October 1908. It stands as the record for victories League forests. Leicester players were suffering from the wedding party sequelae of an old boy team!

In addition to the 1969-70 and 1987-88 seasons in all league meetings between the two teams were in the top tier of English football: First Division League Soccer until 1992 and later the Premier League.

The game at Villa Park finished tied with Joe Bache 1.1 again marking the Villa. The purpose of Leicester was marked by their center forward Shirley Hubbard. Hubbard was also a local talent and scored 37 goals in 153 appearances for The Foxes. Originally a finished shoe, he joined the Leicestershire Regiment and played in the Army Football England and India to Leicester Fosse apparently bought from the army in 1907. Hubbard had been a regular on the winning side Leicester promoting 1907- 1908. Leicester has its own back for that first defeat against the Villans when 5.1 November 27, 1926, Leicester City (as they are now called) won 5.1 on Filbert Street, before a crowd of 29,423. Billy Walker scored the only goal for Aston Villa as Arthur Chandler scored five goals for Leicester.
Historical record scorer Chandler Leicester City with 273 goals in 419 appearances, giving you an amazing goal ratio of 0.65. He also holds the hat-trick ever scored for the club (17), a record number of goals (34) for the club in the top layer in a single season - twice - most consecutive games scored in (8) and registration and for most goals in one match (6). January 19, 1935, Villa beat Leicester 5.0 at Villa Park, with Welsh forehead Dai Astley scoring a hat-trick. Astley scored 92 goals for Aston Villa in 165 games and also made 13 appearances for Wales. This result corresponds to the result of the previous meeting of the two sides in the 1934-1935 season, but was the Leicester team which won 5.0 - Arthur Chandler scoring one of his hat tricks - September 8, 1934.

The margin of five goals victory is the best Aston Villa scored against Leicester City at Villa Park and this was achieved again April 21, 1962, when Villa won 8.3 in front of 24,184 fans. It is the highest number of goals scored in the Villans have one match against Leicester City, who did it twice. Derek Dougan - Wolverhampton Wanderers later renamed - two goals that day and Bobby Thomson scored a hat-trick. Jimmy Welsh scored two goals for Leicester. Thomson scored 56 goals in 140 appearances for Villa in total and appeared in the Final League Cup first for them when they beat Rotherham United in 1961. Although born in Dundee, he was one of the great players of the West Midlands and previously also played for the wolves - who won two league titles - and then go to play for Birmingham City.

This mirror score game thirty years before. On January 2, 1932 Villa also scored eight fixture Filbert Street in a win 8.3. Five goals that day were scored by George Brown. Nicknamed "Bomber" for his namesake - another famous striker Midlands, Tony Brown of West Bromwich Albion - George Brown scored 79 goals in 116 appearances for Villa. Eight goals were also noted at Villa Park February 22, 1995, but this time in a thriller 4.4, seen by 30,825 fans and the highest score ever zero between the two teams.
Better margin of Leicester City win at Villa Park three goals. They first reached August 27, 1927 in a league match before a crowd of 47,288 in a 3.0 victory. It was Leicester first win at Villa Park in the league or FA Cup. This time, they won 5.2, representing the highest number of goals scored Leicester at Villa Park in one part of the first team. Two of Leicester goals that day were marked by Fred Worthington, an inside forward, who went on to score a total of nine goals in 57 games for the club.

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