Backup Google Docs

Cloud computing may be the wave of the future, and can all but make backups requiring a thing of the past one day. But you have heard of Twitter as a company that keeps problems to your entire online database has been unsuccessful in Google Doc? You must back up all important Google doc. you can have at the moment - as would, documents that are on your hard drive. The first step to save your Google Docs identify a place on your local hard drive or an external hard drive where you want to return things. And make sure to call him something obvious - the backup Google Docs, to date. Once you enter into Google Docs, try to bring order in the documents that you see out there knocking on the name at the top tab of the file list to order them. To download the files, all you have to do is check the boxes in front of each file name. If you intend to download anything to support them, simply click on the top of the list tab that allows you to check all the items at once.

Of course, it must be a pain to download all your files one by one and keep track of them, once you have downloaded them. What you can do instead is, you can choose a file format for storing all, as the. Zip format and all packaged in a unit for individual download. You can do this in Google Doc with the export function under the direction More Actions. Of course, there are many times when things mysteriously disappear, even after checking all the right files to download. Once it arrived on your hard drive, you'd better count them and combine them with the files you have in Google Docs.

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