Best Jump Rope Workout HIIT

The jump rope can be one of the best pieces of fitness equipment. If you are not an experienced user to jump rope out and buy one now. It may be hard at first but you will get better quickly and you'll have a great jump rope.

What you need to know before buying a jump rope:

• The jump rope should be long enough so that when you are in the center of the rope with both feet, you can increase fists armpits. Many skipping ropes claim to be adjustable, but there are numerous complaints to change them is not a simple task.

• The speed of strings does not include plastic beads that protect the rope. S
peed chains can be fun when you are a competent rider, but they sting when you hit your legs.

• Speed chains tend to take if they are frequently used in a high friction surface such as concrete or gravel. If you buy a speed rope, protecting your purchase while jumping on smooth or flexible surfaces.

• If you think skipping rope at home and want to get an elastic cord and a rope with plastic beads that protect the rope. A number of important terms jump roping:

1. Basic Go - Go with both feet at the same time along the rope. Try not to bend hop for each revolution of the rope. Instead, you should eventually be able to jump rope at a speed where the rope passes under your feet for each jump.

2. One Foot Jump - jump over the rope by standing on one foot. Usually 2-5 jumps will be completed before moving on to the other foot.

3. Foot Switch Go - This looks more like running in place. His feet alternative jump on the rope. You must have the ability to do a bit faster than the basic jump.

4. Double Sub - For dual below, the individual needs to jump higher than usual and swing the rope quickly, so it ends two rounds with a jump. HIIT Jump Rope Workout:

he heat:

Perform 200 jumps, using both feet. Fill 200 One Foot Heels complete two jumps before switching to the other foot.

Range 1:

150 perform basic jumps. This time, go as fast as possible, but make sure you are not going as fast as you continue entering the rope with his feet. If you hold the rope three or more times before reaching 150, then you are probably going faster than their competence permits. After reaching 150 speed jumps, complete 50 jumps in the rate of active rest. This pace will need to feel comfortable and relaxed. Take two small jumps a rope trick if it helps to slow down.
Range 2:

Whenever possible, carry a 150 foot jumps, jumping twice on each leg before moving to another. After reaching 150 foot jumps, complete 50 jumps in their active resting rate. Use the double jump jumps if it helps you slow your pace.

Range 3:

Run 150 feet alternately jump as quickly as possible, running in place while jump roping. Shortly after reaching speed of 150 jumps, perform 50 jumps in their active resting rate.

4 Range:

(Jumpers Advanced only) As soon as possible, complete 150 double unders. After reaching 150 jumps, perform 50 jumps in their active resting rate.

Cycle through these intervals until you have exceeded the predetermined time. This can be a fantastic exercise routine 15-20 minutes.

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