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One of the most popular movies of 2008's Kung Fu Panda.

Choose a character

One thing everyone will have to do is pick your favorite character. You can simply work. After everyone has chosen their favorite character, give them paper plates for children with eye holes cut them. Then, using the supplies and crafts festival, children can create your character on paper cards and use them, turn them into characters they love the film.


Each Kung Fu master has a belt, so using a simple paper or even a piece of cloth, you can make belts for everyone. These will not be the normal belts, but they are all white (or other color) and children can decorate them as they wish.
Capture the moment

Once you have created the masks and belts, it's time for all the world to strike their best pose for the camera. Get a picture of it, put the name of the character they are (even a compound name) on the computer and print it for them. This will give them a great picture to remember the fun birthday party with.

Kung Fu Panda is ready to become the biggest movie of the year and something that everyone wants to see. So you should be ready when your child asks you a birthday party on the theme of Kung Fu Panda. If you use supplies and these party ideas, you can create a great birthday party Kung Fu Panda!

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