Boost Mobile Review

Boost Mobile is a prepaid service provider that appeals to the youth market and the target hip. Boost Mobile prepaid services provided for the past six years.

repaid plans

Boost Mobile's Pay As You Go plan which prides itself on its 10 cents per minute rate. In addition to its pre-paid basic level, Boost Mobile also has a premium prepaid plan that has larger packets of minutes and messages for $ 30, $ 50 and $ 60 per month. The two basic plans and the premium can enjoy chat plan for $ 1 per day.

The company offers only three plans are monthly premiums of $ 30, $ 50 and $ 60 Unfortunately, Boost Mobile does not offer refurbished phones free units for its subscribers.



Minutes are charged 10 cents for all calls within the calling area and between Boost, Nextel and Sprint subscribers. Same rates are valid for evenings and weekends. The premium plan for $ 50 per month included 400 minutes of airtime while the $ 60 plan is good for 600 minutes of airtime and unlimited minutes at night and on weekends. Excess minutes will cause the rate of 10 cents per minute.

A subscriber must call the Boost Mobile customer support to disable the function to avoid the charges.

Text and images

Text messages are less than 10 cents, both sent and received, as well as international text messages. P
remium plans may have added $ 10 a month for unlimited messages excluding international text messages and multimedia messages. Depending on the phone compatibility message, image, audio and video are sent and received to 25 cents per message.


There are different rates for international calls that differ from one country to another. Rates vary from 10 cents per minute to over $ 2.50per minute, visit the website Boost Mobile international calling rates for each country.

Call Functions

For basic schemes and premium prepaid, voicemail and caller ID are available. T
he call charges are charged to voicemail.

Long distance

There are no long distance charges for prepaid plans and the basic premium for $ 30 and $ 50 All calls, provided in the coverage area, and mobile-to-mobile and Sprint subscribers Nextel are charged as regular calls at 10 cents per minute. For premium of $ 60, long distance calls are also included in the total minutes of airtime; excess minutes will cause the rate of 10 cents.

redit cards, debit cards and checks are accepted and be set up for automatic billing.

For pre-paid Basic, the same rate applies.

ctivation fee


The accounts must be active is enough within 60 days, or Boost Mobile will terminate the account.

ustomer service

For support and customer support, boost the mobile subscriber can call a toll free number or contact them by email.

Mobile phones to boost Motorola walkie talkies are the i776, i425e, i425t and i335.

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