Bowflex Revolution an Honest Review

Bowflex Revolution an Honest Review ~ The Bowflex Revolution is an updated version of the original Bowflex home gym system. Initially, such a machine price may deter some potential buyers, but for most, the cost of getting a gym and plenty of work with others, made the purchase of the Bow Flex Revolution ideal. 

There are several Pro Bowflex home gym. First, there are over 100 exercises that can be performed with this home gym. Second, with the original models of Bowflex 410lbs leg press erupted as the Bowflex Revolution allows 600lbs of resistance. The Bowflex Revolution comes with a 10 year warranty and Bowflex has excellent customer service. 

Many home gyms are extremely noisy, not the Flex arc revolution. The quality of this machine is unmatched. surprised if most owners have already used your warranty. The Bowflex Revolution is also designed with comfort for tall people in mind. 

There are some negative factors to consider with the revolution system also gymnasium. First, the machine weighs 245lbs, so move around this home gym is not an easy task. In addition, the revolution home gym comes with standard resistance 220lbs. Bowflex will update the revolution to 300lbs on request resistance to 220lbs for a total of $ 100 extra. 

Finally, the Bowflex Revolution is not the cheapest machine on the market with a price around $ 2.700 dollars. However, Bowflex provides funding. As the system owner of a gym at home Bowflex think the price of US $ 2.700 worth the quality and convenience, have to return. 

In general, the arc Flex Revolution is an excellent home gym at an affordable price. Overall recommend without reservation that gym house for anyone planning to start a serious workout program at home.

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