Bugatti Car Show & Vehicle History

This Italian sports car was manufactured in France by an introverted genius known as Ettore Bugatti. Bugatti had a legendary reputation for building some of the most expensive sports cars of the last century. The first Bugatti after the First World War was wrong. The company has undergone restructuring, refinancing and finally was sold to Volkswagen- which currently owns the company. The original Bugatti was fantastic cars- more a work of art than anything else. Every part of the car was made individually and this has evolved the bright and modern day Bugatti we know today.

As a race car, Bugatti has done well in many European races, but the car has been primarily designed to be enjoyed on the road for a casual reader.

Classic cars Ettore Bugatti past included the Type 35 Grand Prix, Royal, the type of the Atlantic 57 and Type 55 Sports Car only part of these classic cars are today. It is estimated that around 2000 Bugatti cars in existence today.

In the late 90s Volkswagen acquired the right to produce cars and soon built the Bugatti Veyron EB 118 and 218. The Veyron was mass produced in 2005 and was found to be super fast car. It is also consumed gas at exorbitant rates. The original Veyron were many test failures. Because the car has been bought by the super-rich, sales remained stable Bugatti untouched by the global recession.

However, when gas prices peaked in 2008, all the Bugatti car remained in the garage.

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