Bugatti Superior Performance Line

The manufacturer Bugatti was founded in France by a young man named Ettore Bugatti. Get skilled in the art, it focuses on aesthetics, as well as in mechanical and most consult with their cars as a performing art. He created the first car or truck in 1901, before he was 21 and Dietrich turned to the organization to produce their cars, but because Ettore was more focused on the construction of racing and car truck road automobile that led to his termination with Dietrich. Bugatti recognize that this is the chance to work independently, without the restrictions of a contract.

Because cars and Bugatti trucks were built were the last vehicles with high-performance engines, its cars and trucks are often cost much less popular in racing competitions, as in Brescia with the Grand Carts Prix where his team won initial, second and third place, and an important victory at Le Mans in 1939, among others. In World War aurora Earth, like other brands of cars, Bugatti developed airplane engines for both French and American governments. The company was soon go bankrupt. The last project was launched in 1950 and the company was eventually sold to Hispano-Suiza in 1963.

Now the name of the company is owned by Volkswagen Group and used for limited production cars and exclusive sports trucks.

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