Bugatti Veyron Most Expensive Car In The World

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 reigns as the most expensive car in the world, created by the well-known manufacturer of cars, Bugatti. With many years of experience in this type of industry company that created masterpieces and they have become the embodiment of a company with a passion for cars. The company was founded by father and son, Ettore and Jean Bugatti in the year 1901. Together they were able to create remarkable and extraordinary combination of art and technology in the automotive industry.

Approximately $ 1.7 million, the car is by far the most expensive car in production today, with the nearest competitor, Ferarri Enzon, reaching about $ 1 million. This award is not for nothing, however, that the technology in this car, as well as design features and comfort are all top notch, and beyond anything most people have seen to date.

The Veyron is a combination of high performance and elegance. This super sports car has the ability to move at remarkable speeds and undeniably resembles the elements of a classic Bugatti design with a contemporary twist.

Not only is it the most expensive car, but it is also the car fastest production on the road today. Its 1001 HP engine pushes its top speed of over 250 mph, which is faster than 240 mph the previous holder of first place - F1 McLaran.

The Bugatti Veyron is both the fastest and most expensive car in the world.

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