Amazing Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron Reviews With Absolute Power and A Frightening Maximum Speed

He quickly runs out of superlatives trying to describe the Bugatti Veyron. With absolute power and a frightening maximum speed, the Veyron looks and sounds like it just came out of an impossible future inhabited by giant gas pumps.

50 years after the death of Ettore Bugatti, Volkswagen has used his wand to revive the legendary company, and say, the German automaker is less an amazing job.

Motorsports fans will immediately refer to the legendary Bugatti Royale 1930, a colossal and majestic masterpiece, sold at a prohibitive price that only three people could afford to buy now. Royal proved to be one of the most rare and prestigious cars of all time, but in spite of record performance, endless fairy tale figure and became primarily a symbol of luxury unequivocable able to do all Rolls Royce as your everyday sedan. Instead of trying to match Royale incredible legacy, re-Volkswagen decided to seek inspiration from the Bugatti racing history to design the Veyron, just using the name of the famous pilot who won at Le Mans in 1939 driving a Bugatti Type 57.

We need to lead this exceptional vehicle for a few miles in the parking lot of a San Diego country club. It's easy to feel intimidated by this incredible machine, so we gave it carefully and quickly return to his official guardian, French PierHenri Raphanel racing driver.

The Veyron is unbeatable. Its wide and massive form that distinguishes it from other supercars like the Mercedes McLaren SLR elegant or Ferrari Enzo angular. But the real thrill comes from unmatched performance of the Veyron: with an engine delivering 1,001 hp and a 250 mph top speed of neighbor, the new Bugatti flies over the road like a rocket in the morning sky. Technical revolutionaries have made this 21 Bugatti. To gather the 1,001 power to establish a new automotive legend, Volkswagen has developed a W16 engine of 8 liters by coupling two V8s narrow angle. Needless to say that energy efficiency has never been a problem in the process, and you'll be pleased to know that the Bugatti Veyron has given new meaning to the term gas-guzzler, just a little over 2 miles per gallon in speed. All sorts of rumors around this incredible race: push hard on this monster will do a set of tires last about 125 miles.

It took several years of trial and error to reach the final version of the Bugatti Veyron. Launched by flamboyant CEO Ferdinand Piƫch in 1999, the project began with a prototype equipped with a W18 engine (flatV6 three sides by side).

Soon, the engineers realized they needed a more compact structure, and W16 was adopted and installed in a central rear position. The lack of high-speed stability, even caused an accident and the destruction of a prototype. In 2003, Piech was replaced by Bernd Pischetsrieder to Volkswagen, and the new management took the project on the drawing board. Under the supervision of the engineer Wolfgang Schreiber, the Veyron has become more stable and drivable. Gordon Murray, the brilliant and famous father of the 90 amazing McLaren F1 that had in the past criticized the concept and prototypes early Veyron was recently revealed his thoughts on the final version of Bugatti: "A very good thing, and just never waiting it is that it does not change direction."

Only 300 Bugatti Veyron will be made over the next five years. In an elegant gesture, Volkswagen Bugatti has changed back to the original office of Ettore St. John Castle in Molsheim, Alsace, and the company raised should even increase production in 2006 to meet demand. Believe it or not, however, the Veyron is a bargain: their manufacturing costs far outweigh its price. In the footsteps of their ancestors respected, this unique car is primarily a magnificent and decadent study announcing the end of an era. Far from the unforgettable machine cab, lost in a state of denial, it was almost hard to remember the days of the gasoline engine are numbered.

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