Burger King In Oaxaca Center Tell

For a decade, the celebrated chef of Oaxaca Esperanza Chavarria Blando operated the restaurant quickly, a traditional Mexican restaurant a block from the Zocalo houses in Macedonia Alcalá, a great passing movement for pedestrians. Not only praised in many travel books in Mexico, was quickly followed by local merchants, bank employees, vendors and artists, including time son Current native of Oaxaca, famous artist Francisco Toledo ago a few years and the opposition head-lance managed to McDonalds opening in the Zocalo.

No apparent opposition in mid-September 2005, Burger King unveiled its signaling M. Alcalá 100B, the former site quickly after apparently smuggled completed its renovation of facilities. The owner, a man of Oaxaca media with other holdings from the center, had increased the rent significantly Mrs. Chavarria. After several months, Apetito, open institutions sterile fast food. During the summer of 2005, closed its doors, probably because of a lack of activity and the owner has misinterpreted the extent to which your desire to pay dividends top dollar. We should not seek to protect the historical center? It is the tourist Anador much less worthy of preservation Zocalo? There were Burger King and owner collusion, as they kept the plan secret? Mr. Toledo was out of town? Of course, the owner must feel Oaxaca, a party mecca for tourism because of its peculiarity of the old world and the environment, enabled him to lead a comfortable life, so it has the duty to preserve, even if the state and the city apparently not required as a priority? Do not blame decades Burger King, my own anti-capitalist policies have left it there evaporated. Is greed overcoming disinterestedness and pride of a town, along with an indifferent, to be generous, T
he Government. Every company that proposes to open its doors in the historic center must submit a request to the municipality to answer a simple question: is it a parent, affiliate, subsidiary or franchise or American-owned or not with the interests multi -nationaux additional or Mexico? All negative responses would result in rubber stamp. Otherwise, the request would sit for a panel composed of a wide variety of individuals. Without a unanimous decision, public hearings will be held.

Sam's Club, Pizza Hut, Sears and the rest have a place in our city, and to that extent, the area outside the city center known as Plaza del Valle Name offers an important function. But if it is happening now is not checked, tourist dollars will evaporate and will not have clients with funds to support this company throughout. The next time you pass by a building downtown renovation or construction, we should fear that Wal-Mart can be configured to open.

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