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2011 was a good year for the "software as a service" Web-based suites. in January 2011, Google announced that it will offer its users free data storage files up to 1GB of Google Docs, in June this year, Microsoft released to the public its " commercial software as well as services "called Microsoft Office 3665.

In order to have optimal communication between users, this communication tool must be compatible with all components of all members of hardware and software. Therefore, it is essential to know what devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.) and what your colleagues use software products. The best approach would be that the team uses the same software service based on the Web and avoid working in different hardware and software platforms.

In terms of familiarity and greater compatibility, Microsoft Office 365 is the best solution, but if your team prefer the ease of use online, Google Docs offers a cheaper alternative. Regarding the user experience, the Microsoft solution depends on copies locally installed Office (instead of Web applications) while Google moves all the action in browsers. So let's see what these office suites based on the web has to offer:

• Microsoft Office 365 comes with e-mail, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, Lync and calendars. Furthermore, Google Docs allows users: e-mail, word processing, drawing application, presentations, spreadsheets online

• In terms of price, Google Docs is free (including Gmail, Google Talk and other Google products), but for $ 5 per user, per month (US $ 50 per year), you can get Google Apps, which comes with Google Docs support additional + + + storage SLA (service level agreement). Microsoft comes with a more complex level of license that includes several options, such as Plan E4: For $ 27 per month, you receive the license + business voice full Microsoft Office capabilities, etc.

• Following Docs is pretty easy to install, and all the information you need is on the Google website.

• Docs is compatible with most major browser, while Office 365 does not support Google Chrome.

• Both tools have an easy to use user interface tool, but Office 365 offers a family touch: you will work with documents (as usual), but these will be saved in Office 365 and on your machine local.

• Regarding spreadsheets, Google allows you to click the right button on the application, and resize hide / unhide rows. In addition, Google spreadsheets offer more advanced features, such as graphics, images incorporating, pivot tables, etc.

• Second, regarding the Presentations / PowerPoint, Office 365 has a distinct advantage: the web application offers the same experience and results as a desktop application

Google Docs has the advantage that it is easy to install, inexpensive, and is compatible with virtually any device with a browser. Microsoft Office 365, although more expensive, provides a comprehensive set of advanced features and full compatibility with offline desktop applications.

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