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Again, Byron Scott was invited to take another horrible coach in the Los Angeles Lakers. From now the Lakers record is 1-5 and are dead last in the Pacific Division West Conference. As many of you know how to work the last major drive Scott with the Cleveland Cavaliers do not go as planned.

In general, life after LeBron plan failed because the Cavaliers fail to make the playoffs in Scott's office.

Scott was fired only to be replaced by Mike Brown again. Since being fired by then-New Orleans Hornets and New Jersey Nets Scott are struggling to find a job that established stars and an engaging cast to become again a successful coach. In 2014, during the off season, there were at least three superstars who were available for the Lakers eventually sign so they have the chance of a fighter in the highly competitive Western Conference. LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony refused to sign with the Lakers in the offseason.

If you ask me, it is shocking to discover that no big name free agent wanted to use the uniform coveted purple and gold. Instead, the Lakers front office decided to sign players like Carlos Boozer and Jeremy Lin.

Lin and Boozer are good complementary player in Kobe Bryant, but he needs someone other than him to take great pictures. Kobe Bryant is 36 years, which is nine years older than LeBron James.

Scott coach needs to find a way to get Kobe on some of these blowout games if they want to keep it for a few years. It a month ago, the daughter of former Lakers owner Jerry Buss the late Dr. Jeanie Buss appeared on ESPN must first talk about the recent problems in the organization Lakers.

There was a report that free agents have decided not to sign with the Lakers because they do not want to play with Kobe Bryant your servant. The Buss response to these rumors were "any free agent who would be afraid to play with Kobe Bryant is probably a loser, and I'm glad they did not come to the team," these are the exact words of Jennie Buss in his interview to first take it a few weeks ago.

Now if you ask me Scott coach is in a tough battle for top notch free agents to sign with the Lakers. So the interview seems to be a conflict between the brother and sister duo who run the Lakers. If the Lakers organization can not solve their problems at the top Byron Scott will be sentenced again.

ope that when heads start rolling in Laker land it will not become the scapegoat.

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