Cloud Computing with Google Docs

With the continuous expansion, always involving the appetite of the Internet, cloud computing seems to be limits. With the recent growth of cloud computing and the demand for instant access these few limitations are becoming smaller.

Where traditional desktop computing allows computer users to Microsoft's thank you, giant desktop publishing and word processing, Google offers users free basic version with access from any computer that can access the Internet - all over the world.

Google Docs as a cloud alternative to traditional desktop programs. A wonderful aspect of Google Docs is that they are much more like the following Microsoft programs, perhaps the most widely used set of word processing programs and the general market of desktop publishing today so learning is much higher.

The dog ate my homework.

Well, Google presentations, you can set this fear at ease. You have the functionality to create a slideshow without apology and embarrassment "forgot the presentation."

A thank you to the Google.

Google Docs is your most basic word processor similar to Microsoft Word. You have full control over margins, tab spacing and general shape, with the exception of sources. Are you thank you Google and how seriously limited their font selection.

Basic functionality for the low, low price of FREE.

There is an intentional recurring theme in this article: the basic functionality. You get what you pay for and free, just basic functionality. Of course, this is all many users need, but for Microsoft users like me who do not mind paying the extra cost for the additional features of terrestrial programs. For whatever your word processing and sharing of information is necessary, there is a program to meet that need just the right price, if it is free and limited or expensive and functional. Especially, Google Docs is a useful tool, especially when you collaborate and share files with other people.

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