Completing A Watermelon In A Kumquat

Start by undressing inhibitions that prevent us to use our imagination. You begin to accept the principle that God's world everything is possible.

We sometimes find it difficult to have faith in God because we can not see or understand, but we know in our hearts that it is never less.

It is difficult to imagine a large watermelon be stuffed in a small kumquat, but that does not mean it is not possible. Everything is possible if we have enough faith.

Do not be afraid to peel your inhibitions and use your imagination, we are all naked removed from our prejudices and fears in the eyes of God.

Maybe we should start thinking about the watermelon seed as nature designed by God.

If we begin to think of watermelon as a seed, we can begin to imagine that we could fill in a kumquat. Then it would be only a matter of faith and miracles to determine the size of watermelon could grow before the explosion poor little kumquat.
If we start to have a good perspective on our faith in God, and learn to accept their presence in the faith, then all kinds of visions and wonderful miracles become possible.

Maybe not as giant step of faith of a watermelon on a kumquat for peace on earth and goodwill to all children of God. We are all descendants of God and we must have faith in our Creator. We must cultivate the seeds in the garden of his grace. We must recognize the miracle of nature that God has given us.

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