Dos Dress Like Burger King Commercial!

Burger King mask and fantasy became recognizable through TV ads that promote the popular fast food restaurant. Now you can join in the fun and dress as well as the well-known king!

The first image of the king was presented in the first sign of store in Miami, Florida, in 1955. Today is a king played by a real actor in the king costume and mask were inspired.

Two Burger King adult costumes are now available for purchase. Adult luxury costume features a red dress and bright orange with a white collar, a mask and a gold medallion. The second, called the standard adult costume comes with a brown patterned dress and orange with a white collar. This costume also includes a gold medallion and a Burger King mask realistic looking. W
hite socks and black shoes could add to the suit, causing the wearer resemble the king trade more!

As customs, King mask is available in two different versions of the adults too. The luxury mask pattern mask and 3/4 are both vinyl and have the signature look king. The luxury mask covers the entire head while the default mask covers 3/4 of your head. Each mask Burger King comes in a standard size as well. Each turn it into a wreath laying, penny save the King!

King mask is best known for the smile spread through the mask. Burger King also mask curly brown hair, beard and mustache and a crown of Burger King over his head.

Since its inception, the king was presented in more business. A video game with the mascot costume with King, King called Peep, was also established in February 2006. If you are a fan of the King, the fast food restaurant itself or want to be ready for the film, a Burger King and fantasy mask is the perfect complement to the person's wardrobe.

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