E Ink EBook Reader Is Making A Portable EBook Reader Tick

So what is an ink e-book reader, and specifically how this piece forefront of a book of the mobile eBook technology readable even in bright sunlight?

The technology behind eink screens that are thinner, lighter leads, rich in contrast are able to be seen from all angles. Well, the good news is that most new models of portable electronic book readers using ink technology that displays images and text in paper or electronic ePaper as it is known. The paper is constructed from a cobweb coating of plastic and is also conductive. On this layer are the oil-containing capsules of black pigment particles and white floating in it. When these pigments are placed under electrical load capsules white or black rotating reaction similar to ink dots on the traditional paper. In addition, by changing the gray scale load can be produced that allow the reproduction of paper, text, graphics and images on a screen.

Once submitted, and the load on these capsules does not change the images or text on the screen remain the same, even when the power is off. This allows users of most new e-book readers like the Kindle PRS600, Sony BEBOOK or to read hundreds of pages or thousands on a single charge.

This naturally leads to another feature of the e-paper. To read the screen, E Ink technology has eliminated the need for a backlight, and a bit like the traditional paper, natural or artificial light is needed to play. It also puts less strain on the battery of the device and, more importantly, much less stress on the readers of the vision of what they say read on a computer or an LCD TV screen.

In addition to these benefits I just mentioned above, perhaps the most important advantage of E Ink eBook reader and one that changed one of those ebooks reading devices in a truly portable eBook reader like e-paper is generated by reflecting light, whether natural or artificial, with the ink e-book reader, you can use sunlight and even the screen is legible.

So if you are looking for a portable electronic book reader you must make sure it is one of the many uses and paper. Better yet, choose an ink eBook reader technology leaders and paper.

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