Earn Big Time points! Give A Gift Lakers Tickets!

All gifts not to be forgotten, you can give this season, tickets to a home game of Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center rank up there in the top ten. No matter the size of your holiday gift budget may be, you can buy Lakers tickets for your boss, a colleague or a friend or family member. Just about anyone who receives Los Angeles Lakers tickets this season (with the possible exception of Boston Celtics fans!) Will be impressed and delighted.
You can choose the level for Lakers Tickets

The upper 300 or at the Staples Center has several different sections, with seats ranging in price from $ 10.00 to $ 38.00 per game. The $ 10.00 tickets are available only on the basis of a game, not for the season. However, tickets for the 23 sections of $ 27.00 seats can be purchased throughout the season for $ 1161.00, and those of six sections of $ 38.00 seats for $ 1634.00.

As the seats are lower, the price is higher, of course. At 200, there are only twelve sections, with seats going for $ 80.00 each per game, and $ 3340.00 for an entire season games Los Angeles Lakers.

Below you can almost feel the power of stretching Kobe and Derek and the rest of this fabulous Lakers team than their opponents struggling. There are four sections in this level with seats priced at $ 105.00, and only eleven seats, even closer to the court that will cost $ 140.00 each, but what fun to give or receive a ticket to watch Lakers play from this point of view! What an incredible gift!

The ultimate thrill for any fan of Los Angeles Lakers should be seated in one of the six seats of the court with fans one or two celebrities This ticket will cost you $ 230.00 for a game, and $ 9890.00 for an entire big season action plan. It is just down the block, probably near one of their favorite celebrities, where when you're rooting for your players that you can almost feel the rise of power when a player jumps this winning basket. Throughout the season, the Los Angeles Lakers games is only $ 9890.00! What an unforgettable experience for all those who love the Lakers!

For other possibilities, consider renting a first-class suites. Discover the panel available in the information office Staples Center. You can not go wrong with Los Angeles Lakers tickets at every level you choose, but do now, before the game is sold out!

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