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A review of the eBook reader can be a great help to decide which eBook device you want to buy. You can customize hundreds of books on one reader not much bigger than a paperback book.

But this player will be right for your situation, budget and needs? An eBook reader review might help you understand. An important factor for many people is the file format of your e-book devices support. There are some large formats that almost everything eBook device support. HTML, TXT, JPG and PDF file formats are so common that it would be foolish for any eBook reader does not provide support for them. However, many manufacturers use their own proprietary formats for electronic books that sell. This means you must have your particular brand of eBook reader.

Amazon Kindle uses its own owner called AZW format. It is a mobipocket format variant. Many other e-book readers using open source ePub, Amazon but choose not to. Reders Sony eBook use their own proprietary format, known as broadband eBook or LRF. However, Sony offers users the ability to read ePub formats as well. Fortunately, both suppliers also can convert books in other formats when used by your eBook reader.

Nook from Barnes and Noble supports PDF, EPUB and PDB formats, and does not have its own proprietary format. The Cybook Opus eBook is a very small device made by Bookeen in France. This ultra-light reading device supports PDF files without reflux, and major image formats. The Hanlin BeBook works with Mobipocket, FB2, RTF and documents epub and txt, html, pdf doc, and although the last file types are a little slower.

EBook no matter what device you are considering buying, take the time to check it before you spend money. Spend some time watching ebook reader review pages and find out what others think of the player you want. Patricia Brook like to read books where it wants. She is looking for a good ebook reader review it can use to help you choose the right ebook device.

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