Famous Lakers Point Guard Magic Johnson

The Los Angeles Lakers would not have been at the forefront of success if not for the players, past and present, who have worked hard to make their dreams achievable. One of those legendary players was a man named Magic Johnson, who turned his laps on the hard court. Lakers tickets for the games played Magic Johnson sold fast and good.

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Earvin Johnson Jr. was born August 14, 1959 in Lansing Michigan. Johnson developed a love for the game as a child and went on to play for his high school team, high Everett. The magic name turned out to be invented 15 years when Johnson was discovered by Fred steady Jr., a local sports journalist who commented fast movements and the big pile of points earned by the young Johnson. The newly christened Magic Johnson then led Everett High to state championships in his final year.

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After high school, Magic Johnson went to Michigan State University and took his school team to great heights in the NCAA during his tenure with the school team. In 1979, Michigan State win the collegiate finals and first entering the State University of Indiana. After impressing college crowds across the country, Johnson was discovered by large sharks league immediately planned for the preparation of the NBA. In 1979, Magic Johnson entered the big leagues of the popular basketball game with the Los Angeles Lakers. Probably because of its famous successes in leagues secondary sales pumped Lakers tickets. Magic performed his tricks with ease and enthusiasm. LA Lakers as a team has now played with an indomitable spirit who just really enjoy the game. Magic Johnson seemed to be the perfect companion for the center of the Lakers, Abdul-Jabbar. When Abdul-Kareem was injured in a game, Magic approached his position and led the team as a center. This movement eventually won the final team of NBA championship in 1979, the second magic to win year after his collegiate triumph. Magic Johnson also won MVP of the season, and the only rookie who received distinction in history.

Stardom and a graceful exit

The fans are lining up to Lakers because of Magic Johnson and exciting season tickets and great sports team exhibitions during what became known as "Showtime." Magic Johnson and LA Lakers achieved and maintained a great height in the 1980s until 1991, when he had to bow to the big leagues abruptly because of HIV. Today, Magic Johnson used his determination and spirit of other interests play a more philanthropic source, such as awareness campaigns against HIV AIDS.

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