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Are you planning a new eReader laptop, a portable handheld electronic book reader Wireless, a mobile 3G eReader, or any flavor piques your interest. For fans of the most avid book, an ebook reader will not replace your existing book collection. And you'll probably continue to buy new books. But as time passes, you will find the reason less to continue dealing with paper books. Simply download them and you will create a new collection of digital books. And you will quickly find that the purchase of a new book for your mobile e-reader is simpler and quicker than buying a new paper book.

If you are an avid reader and money is not an issue, then by all means, go buy the most expensive ebook reader that you can find. Or for that matter, consider buying an Apple iPad. As you will see elsewhere in our website best-ebook readers, we believe that the iPad is just the bees knees. If, on the other hand, money is important to you and you are the type who does not like to waste money on things you do not need, then you must be careful about buying one of the new ebook readers. Each player 'type' staff can correspond to different features of an electronic book reader that best suit your use of the device. For most books, you just want to play as a television program, and then do not really care to preserve and keep this book in his "library"? Read a book once he became available? In this case, a monochrome cheap ebook reader base is likely to be just for you. You should consider eReaders like the Kindle, Nook, Sony Touch or Kobo.

Maybe you're the type who likes to go on a new book and again, or referring to books often references that you want to keep handy. You want to make sure that the eBook reader you choose has a lot of memory to perform a large library of books. For example, the Amazon Kindle comes with 4 GB of memory, but only 3GB is actually available. Some e-book readers like the Nook, Sony Touch, the Kobo, the Sharper Image Literati and iRex allow expandable memory using add-on memory cards. Then, the type of documents you want to read your new eReader. Each type of reading material may require a type of eBook reader different to offer the best experience with the document. You are more interested in just regular books? Constantly consume a brochure or another? If you just want the eBook reader as a replacement for a book you usually filled in your briefcase or purse, then probably monochrome e-reader like the Nook, Kindle or Sony Touch will be all you need.

If you wish to borrow books from your library, they make titles available in digital format? If so, what digital format (s)? And if the eBook reader that you plan to support these formats?

You use a lot of books as reference sources. The type of references that include photos and illustrations and you like to have available at any time. Are you a big magazine reader? Do you like art books, photo essays and books full of images. In this case, you will need a monochrome eReader with scales or appropriate gray shades of gray to accurately represent the illustration. 16 gray levels is the best available. Consider the Kindle, Nook, Sony Touch, iRex, or Kobo Wireless. Or you may find that the color e-reader is the best choice for your needs. C
olor eBooks readers will be more expensive and also have much less battery life. It is NOOKcolor, the Sharper Image Literati, and the cream of the cream, the Apple iPad.

If you plan to spend time reading magazines much, comics, art books, or even cookbooks, you may want to focus on the choice of color e-reader like the iPad or new NOOKcolor or Sharper Image Literati. Most e-book readers are monochrome, black and white with shades of gray. You should keep this in mind because the books or documents that are heavy with pictures or illustrations, such as magazines and art books, does not translate well to the same reading experience with monochrome e- readers. Remember that Paul Simon song, Kodachrome ... "everything looks worse in black and white."

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