Features and Standard Options Jeep Wrangler

Compare different and very popular options and standard features on the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon model, unlimited, and the Sahara, which represent the best attributes the Jeep family to offer.


The Wrangler Rubicon joined the Jeep family in 2003. He has such goodies as special high axle locking differential integrated technology; 4: 1 low range transfer case 4.10: 1 differential gears and underbody diamond plate. A four-speed automatic transmission is optional. The 2003-2006 models also have alloy wheels of 16 inches.

The 2003-2004 model presented a standard NV3550 5 speed manual transmission. In 2005, he became the NSG370, a six-speed model on a Mercedes design.
TJ and JK Wrangler Unlimited

Unlimited Jeep model came in two trim styles, the TJ and JK. There was a greater distance between the axes 10 inches Wrangler straight, a gear ratio 3:73, and a dedicated transfer case 331. There was also a Rubicon Unlimited, which presents the characteristics wheelbase unlimited, and all-terrain characteristics Rubicon, which includes a differential lock of the front axle.

JK Unlimited model was exhibited in spring 2006, based on the TJ model with a 4-door option, and almost 21 inches added to the length of the frame. It has a "95.4 wheelbase, a standard electronic stability control, side airbags optionally installed in the seat, keyless entry, navigation system and satellite radio. The JK Unlimited comes with equipment and more standard options than any previous Jeep Wrangler. There was even an
unlimited model designed for military use, called the J8. This Jeep model does everything bigger than a standard Unlimited, and is powered by a 2.8-liter, 4-cylinder turbo diesel with an automatic 5-speed transmission. It has a special air intake system with filtration designed for desert combat.

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