Features Lenovo IdeaPad Tablets

After conquering the desktop and notebook space and lying on the list of the world's computer makers, Lenovo eyes now on the market for smartphones and tablets. Innovative line of great Chinese technology IdeaPad tablets are one of the most talked about and sought-PC devices in the PC + ERA (terms that the company gave to its line of smartphones and tablets). The devices are really great to play games, listen to music, watch movies, read books and surf the net.

The resources that are shared in common by the Lenovo IdeaPad tablets and internal competitors and attributes that give character to them include:

    Quad Core: Most Lenovo IdeaPads come with Quad Core processors that punctuate the device with huge amounts of reactivity, fluidity and speed.

    Android / Android Jelly Bean OS: All are supported by Android software platform / Android Jelly Bean, which in turn is derived from the Linux kernel.

    IPS screen: This is a characteristic that is found in a number of Lenovo tablets. IPS (In Plane Switching) screen results in a high resolution and a wide viewing angle.

    The giant display: Lenovo IdeaPads have large screens. The size of the tablet screen starts at 7 inches and over 10 inches in some models to increase the pleasure.

    Primary / Secondary Camera: While some Lenovo tablets have both primary and secondary rooms, some have only one of them. Most of them offer Dolby and equipped with loudspeakers positioned cautiously.

    USB OTG (On The Go) All Lenovo IdeaPad tablets have USB OTG feature so that the user can use the guide for loading and reading other mobile devices.

    SIM to support Voice Call: All Lenovo tablets have SIM card slots to facilitate voice calls so they can easily be used as a phone if necessary.

    3G support: Most Lenovo IdeaPads offer 3G support (supported with HSPA +), too.

    Bluetooth: Almost all tablets Lenovo have the latest version of Bluetooth to help swap files and open the way for faster connections.

    A powerful and never say die battery Lenovo IdeaPads have batteries that last longer and offer real up to 8 hours of WiFi browsing / over 9 hours of surfing the web on a single battery charge.

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