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LEGO Star Wars

LEGO began around 1923 for the manufacture of wooden toys, but we know that small plastic bricks came much later. This system called LEGO came around about 1966. The first series, the LEGO train set, was released and was so loved by children who are still manufactured and sold today. The LEGO games have been made larger and more complex and bet everyone has a kind of castle, home or auto-mobile with them. Remember having lots of Lego when a kid, other brands, but they were not as good as LEGO (blocks not called bricks) They even entered the cinema and comics and animated worlds with sets and characters such as Spider-Man, Speed ​​Racer, SpongeBob, and even the Harry Potter movies and places for children and adults to build and have some pleasure ..

There is therefore no surprise that one of the main themes of LEGO is LEGO Star Wars sets. It was in 1999 when Lucas and LEGO does the trick and produced the first LEGO licensed games. LEGOs first series of Star Wars was the big X-Wing Star Fighter, Luke flew. Soon after, he was followed by several games based on the original trilogy of movies, most recently based on the trilogy. Other groups have called Ultimate Collector Series were also released by LEGO and had sets, such as Darth Vader LEGO UCS, the Death Star (with many minifigures) and the enormous Millennium Falcon. The entire X-Wing has all the parts you need to build or three red or Red 5 Starfighter - which is Lukes or corners starfighter ship in the movies! Overall, you get large figurines LEGO Star Wars heroes of the film Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, cold Han Solo, Chewbacca hairy, always quite insolent Princess Leia and R2-D2. What classic LEGO game wonder that offers you everything you need to stop the evil empire.

There was also a variety of published video games that are based on all six Star Wars movies, but playing in the form of LEGO. Then you will be able to play with LEGO X - wing and pretend they are in the film as Lucas rebel alliance fighting the evil Vader and the Empire.

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