Forms and Minds of Martial Arts in "Kung Fu Panda"

Chinese Kung Fu incorporates a deep philosophy and meaning of human life and social values ​​(some people, so call "philosophical boxing"). Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and other Chinese Kung Fu stars They all show our traditional Chinese martial ethics in his films. The hero Po also showed his martial ethics in the film "Kung Fu Panda". "Using not handle ethics to respect the other" That old saying is the spirit of Chinese art Kung Fu His goal is not to come back on little person. This film shows the ethics and spirit of Chinese Kung Fu. First, it shows respect for human life. The shot that Panda Po and five teachers, they study Kung Fu not for the purpose of choosing the little person, but to protect others.

Second, it expresses the emphasis on moral principles. The hero Po five masters, Shifu and master Wugui, each of them are plotting self-cultivation and obey the moral principles of the society. Third, it is respect for the teacher and care for each other. The shooting did not like Shifu Panda Po first in mind Shifu, "Po is just a big fat panda, and he could not become the dragon warrior to defeat Tai Lang then Shifu made a lot of obstacles and Panda Po let leave. Although hated by Shi fu Panda Po gave his report to Shi fu from the beginning to the end, and Panda Po used his perseverance and persistence to let Shi fu admit that he is the best warrior dragon choices. Despite became the Dragon Warrior, Po Panda has never failed to pay his respect for Master Wu Gui Shi fu and five teachers. Panda Po Kung Fu loves so much and pay all his passion into it, this help you become a master in the end.

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