Free Challenge Google Docs & Spreadsheets MS Office?

Google Office? We called Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets?

Only what Google offers free online text processor and spreadsheet, and that collaboration enables ...

Well, to be able to create on set and edit documents with others in your team - if they are on their remote office location and a huge ou Solutions Benefit Google Docs. Since May, Google Docs & Spreadsheets saves develop an installation of secure storage, fast, you can access your documents and spreadsheets from any computer, not any time, country A to cases disco failure of local disk, you will not be online Losing your content store online.

Both documents and spreadsheets to Google are STILL consider "basic" this time, but it's worth a little paragraph pace Explorer. Let's see ...

> What fast you can do with Google Docs & Spreadsheets?

Here is the quick you can do with Google Docs:

    Make download MS Word MAKE documents, OpenOffice, RTF, HTML e.
    Use not online editor by formatting documents, spell checking, etc.
    PEOPLE Invite (POR email address) To change ou see his documents.
    Edit documents online with someone.
    See revision history of your documents and return a version.
    The publication documents and spreadsheets online for only ou world that you choose fast.
    Apply your blog documents her.
    DOWNLOAD Documents for your PC VIR MS Word, OpenOffice, RTF, PDF, HTML zip OU.
    As Google spreadsheets source also allows rapid Whether you do the following:
    import data and export of .xls, .csv, and .ods formatted (and export functionality paragraph .pdf and .html).
    Chat real pace with others who edit your spreadsheet.
    PEOPLE Invite (POR email address) To change your display e spreadsheets.

At the time, quick * You must be careful not to size your document / spreadsheet?

Each user has a limit of 1000 documents and 1000 images.
    Each user has a limit of 100 spreadsheets.
    Quick You can import Spreadsheets Up Approx 1 Mb EN .odf .xls format e.

Google Docs & Spreadsheets Iran still works the internet file liver through Windows Macintosh ahem ou with these browsers:

1. Internet Explorer 6.0+ (Windows)

2. Firefox 1.7,

3. Mozilla 1.7.12+

4. Netscape 7.2, 8.0

Google Docs & Spreadsheets is not supported, and probably will not work on other browsers.

Note: Regardless of the type of browser, fast You need to enable JavaScript and Cookies.

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