Google Docs Create and Share Your Work Online

If you have not heard, so here goes. Google Docs is a free way to store your documents online. A newsletter is often created and edited by a group of people. The information of a newsletter also has a number of places - local, national or even international. Just think of the number of phone calls and emails quickly and trying to keep all the different data elements together, accurate and current. You usually need someone to organize all the information in a document and make changes whenever new information comes to light, it is not a good position to be.

So this is where Google Docs in steps, you can upload existing files so you do not need to get a project from scratch. File formats that are accepted are typically found in a desktop configuration, including DOC, XLS, ODT, ODS, RTF, CSV, PPT, etc. You can create basic documents from scratch using a template. You will get all the standard editing functions you are familiar such as changing fonts, add images, add tables, comments, and bulleted lists. The beauty of Google Docs is that you get all free and it comes with security and sharing. His work is online and just in a place that can only be accessed by people who have their permission. Once authorization is given, then perhaps this can be worked 2 or more people worldwide.

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