Google Docs for Work College Student

As a working student, you probably do not have as much time as their non-work. You can not have as much time to do homework, write articles, and project preparation. Fortunately, there is a free resource that is available for you that fits this category: Google Docs. What makes Google Docs so amazing is that it is not only a free alternative to Microsoft Office, but you can access it from any computer with Internet access.

Otherwise Word

With Google Docs, you can collaborate with other colleagues in the same document file simultaneously. Imagine if you had three people working on the same document for their history classes. If you do not have constant access to Microsoft Office, Google Docs is a lifeline. There is a bit of a learning curve as there are some features in Docs compared to Office, but the necessary characteristics (font, spacing, paragraph, notes, etc.) are available.
Even for the smallest things, like creating a route for a class trip, you can with Google Docs.

Otherwise PowerPoint

For many college courses, you'll need to create a presentation for speech. Look no further than Google Docs again. If you are not creative and do not necessarily require a very professional presentation, Google Docs is all you need for your class projects and speeches. You can insert images, videos and tables on each slide. Of course, if you need a very professional / creative presentation, you must use Office.
Alternatively Excel

Not too many students need to create features and complex matrices in your spreadsheets. Essentially, the basic amount of duties and other things are more complex students of college spreadsheets. Whatever you do with Excel in Office can be done with Google Docs.

The biggest advantage of using Google Docs is that you can access everywhere.

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