Google Docs What's in The Package?

Most of us can believe that "Google Docs" is synonymous with "Microsoft Docs", just to create a software application document.

One of the main problems with the management of a company with a handful of employees, even duplication is created and the time with the employees working in the document Sami wasted locations. Add to that the cost of buying and maintaining software licenses and the additional work required to improve programs and a company can spend more time keeping instead of producing ICT products.

The software is available via becomes a computer with Internet connection.

How do companies benefit from Google Docs?

• No need to buy software licenses, remember any PC company needs proper license its.

• No need to keep the updates and patches or maintain the servers.

• A copy of the document exists and is safely stored on the server. More experienced business document reproduction; Who has the most power, this has changed, etc.

• Paper can be worked from anywhere with Internet access. The annoying scenario of a jammed paper inside a locked PC comes to mind.

• Employees can collaborate on Sami role different places.

Google Docs software included is just about all that business expects and needs an office-type software.

• Documents - Create word processing documents.

• Spreadsheet - spreadsheet creation

• Presentations - Creating useful for business presentations

• Drawing - an application for creating diagrams and drawings

• Forms - used to create forms and questionnaires helpful

What you get from Google Docs is a state of the art software available on the Internet activity where all materials are created stored online, allowing an employee to access a PC or a smartphone connected to the Internet; it seems that only condition the agreement could benefit greatly.

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