Guide to Buying a Kumon Franchise

Kumon Franchise

It was fifty years ago, a teacher from Japan named Toru Kumon maths has developed a teaching approach of the invention (which was later named after him), while the high school tutoring his son on the subject arithmetic. This discovery and experimentation led to the founding of the Kumon franchise operation, which is a world-renowned network of educational centers. The network also supports the development of reading skills.

Recent statistics show that Kumon point 16 regarding the financial strength and 21st in system size compared to other top franchises. Read below to learn more about Kumon franchises for sale.

Kumon Franchise Review

The number of Kumon franchises in the country reached 1383, more than 400 locations in Canada and 24,800 in other countries. The Kumon franchise model continues to grow in their country so that most of its franchises are still located in Japan's parent company only runs 20 major locations worldwide. T
herefore its franchise concept is very healthy and alive at the enterprise level. Kumon implements a well-organized process that is surprisingly easy for customers to follow and for franchisees to run. When a student is unable to inform the Kumon Learning Centre is registered, it is expected that parents supervise the learning process of their children. Parents also need to understand what their children are learning and regularly discuss the progress of their children with Kumon instructors.

In this system, Kumon instructors are more like coaches than teachers in traditional schools. Kumon learning overall strategy is based on incentives and rewards. In this type of business, not just a Kumon franchisee appreciate the kind of work that benefits the community, so we get to share a warm relationship with the parent company; something which is rare in the franchising industry.

Kumon franchise information and additional costs

Potential Kumon franchise owners can save a lot of money in the salary of the employee, because a typical local Kumon requires only two to three people. The cost of the Kumon franchise is $ 1,000. The Kumon costs are among the lowest rates of entering any kind of franchise opportunity. Regarding the royalty rate, Kumon franchisees pay the parent company based on the number of students and their courses. The Kumon franchise has a duration of two years and to purchase additional franchise fee of $ 1,000 due every two years upon renewal. The Kumon not offered financial support internally, but their training programs are comprehensive and extensive. Training applies to both Kumon franchisees and their instructors.
Among the requirements to own a Kumon Franchise sales are: great business sense, strong marketing skills and good reading comprehension and mathematics. Kumon franchisees selected must participate in free enterprise conferences, meetings and meetings held throughout the year.

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