Habit Vertical Jump

The jump is a habit! This is something trainers, athletes etc all lose. They focus so hard on the physical aspect of the jump and they make every muscle related to it, but they do remember that it is a regular movement. Their effectiveness has fully with the aspect of habit. Meaning the more it becomes a habit! More and more you jump your vertical jump.

Now this does not mean that if you train hard and build muscle you're not going to jump up because you are! What I mean is that you are probably not jump higher than could or that you're not really seeing his full potential jump. You see the jump is all about sending the "jump sign" as soon as possible. The faster you can channel the more you jump signal. So if you had incredibly strong legs, but his "jump sign" is not fast, you will not jump as high as you can. So the key to jump higher and increase your vertical leap makes the signal jump as fast as possible.

The question now is how you make a habit? What saying in the simplest form is that if you want to jump up, then keep jumping.

Every day, just hit the court or wherever you have chosen and just jump as high as you can. Perhaps only 100 jumps. It may seem like nothing, but if you do 100 jumps everyday you will increase your vertical! you could do a jump every 20 seconds if you wanted and you would still increase your vertical.

eems shocking right?

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