Hearthstone Adventure Guide

So you've decided to Hearthstone. Perhaps you are a World of Warcraft fan who wants to try the card game based on the series, maybe you are a fan of playing cards you want to try something new, or maybe you just to through this article seduced you touch. Anyway, welcome to the club.

If you go through the following list, you will learn the first steps to take when you begin your adventure Hearthstone.

1. Complete Tutorial: Assuming that you have already created an account on battle.net and connected to Hearthstone game, the first step is to draw up Hearthstone and follow the tutorial. You will play five simplified games as a magician, during which you will learn the basics of the game as a way to play cards, keep track of your mana, and see what minions on the board. If all this sounds complicated, do not worry, the tutorial, it is nice, simple and fun to boot.

2. Unlock the other classes: When the tutorial is completed, you will be in the game itself, but you can only play the wizard. If you want to play like any other class, you must unlock them first, what should be the first step anyway. Just click Solo Adventures, then practice, then OK, and you will be able to choose your platform and the opponent you want to fight. Realization and 100 gold to your problem.

At this point, you will unlock several new game modes, including the Arena and Adventures. First, you must file your hero (at least) the level 10 by:

3. Beat the opponents AI level Expert: With all the heroes unlocked, you can try to take on the expert level opponents. They are, as you can imagine, much harder, but gave more experience to their novice hero (when not below the level of 10, you will need to switch to a new hero this point against AI opponents to gain more experience). You can (and should) create custom platforms for these battles; while the basic platform can hold its own against common opponents, you need to improve their farms facing difficult opponents. When you defeat all opponents expert level, you complete the Smashed Them All research and NET is more than 100 gold.

Fight against human opponents in playback mode: Up to this point, you should have all the fundamentals of the game down, then it's time to try your hand against some human enemies. Go to the game section and you can choose Casual or how to choose your preferred style of play. In the ranking, each victory you will have a star and improve your rankings, while every loss (when you are in position 20 or above) result in the loss of a star. You will get first blood work (and a card game) for their first battle against another human being, and the search Duelist (100 gold coins) to win three victories against real people.

Play each of your characters to reach level 10 and you have all the cards from the base game. The first character you get to level 10 will bring you fulfillment Level Up and a card game, while getting all of them reach level 10 have the basics!
Realization (provided you have all the basic cards you earn by leveling up) and 100 gold. Where to go from here will depend much on what you hope to accomplish in this game, but I hope this has helped get the ball rolling on your Hearthstone crush adventure!

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