Hearthstone Wood Stoves A Romantic Way To Heat Your Home

Hearthstone wood stoves are not just a romantic thing of beauty, but also a large fireplace to heat your home. These beautiful pans come in different models offer optional extras and warm any home.

Several models have provisions to draw air from the outside, rear heat shield and self-cleaning windows. Maximum wood combustion means optimal heat your home with maximum efficiency. Let's look at the benefits of these detailed wood stoves.

They are beautiful fireplaces

Hearthstone wood stove add beauty to their rooms. When the fire starts burning, it subdues the external cooling with cold and creates a warm and irresistibly romantic atmosphere inside. To add the element of beauty, these stoves are solidly built. The Mansfield 8011 model is designed to burn continuously for 10 hours and provides heat for 14 hours on a single charge of wood.

Steatite and thermal mass

All stoves produce heat while the fire burns, but when fire comes out what is happening? The material that is stove is act as a storage battery in that it will store heat when living fire and will release heat for hours when the fire is out. The thermal mass of the material will determine their ability to retain heat. If you want a stove that will radiate heat longer while soapstone is your best option. the thermal mass of soapstone is greater than that of steel or cast iron and, in fact, it has the highest specific heat value of all natural stones available. Many Hearthstone soapstone stoves use in its construction because of this.

The removable ash drawer allows you to remove the ashes, even if the fire burns. The wood is also easy loading and different models have two doors front and side.

Some models have options such as an external air adapter. Such systems are perfect for today zero ventilation homes as they draw air from the outside to the stove.

aximum, Maximum combustion heat

Hearthstone stoves are designed to burn clean wood. There will be more heat and less smoke and ash accumulation and waste is reduced. Clean combustion means that low levels of carbon dioxide as well. The air entering through the secondary air ports completely burn the fuel gas, producing long glittering flames.

Benefits of a rear heat shield

The rear heat shield is an optional addition. Even heat distribution becomes much easier with the addition of an integrated thermostat and rheostat so that the fan starts running only after there is a lot of heat inside the stove. The travel speed is automatically adjusted.

Hearthstone wood stoves for your home

You can buy these wood stoves in a local store that stocks of these items online or you can find them too. Once installed, a Hearthstone stove can stay in your family room or living room heating throughout the house for many years to come.

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