History Lacoste Trainers Shoes

Lacoste trainers are made by "Lacoste", a brand founded by René Lacoste in 1933. Lacoste has since changed hands and was directed by Bernard Lacoste, son of René until 2005. Bernard delivered to the company Michel Lacoste, his collaborator and fellow young brother before his death in 2006, the company wanted to make a designer upscale makeover for your clothes and shoes in 2000 and Christophe Lamaire, a new fashion designer. Mr. Lamaire Lacoste helped decorate the chic style and have a much higher level and sales have been very high since.

Lacoste Trainers Shoes

René Lacoste was a tennis player won the Davis Cup in France and was affectionately known as "Alligator" in your circle of friends. The label "Alligator" stuck with him when he started "Lacoste". Lacoste has changed the Alligator on a crocodile as a logo, although they still use the Alligator logo on some products and shoes. Lacoste trainers are the most stylish sports shoes you will ever find. Although described as "sneakers", Lacoste trainers may work also work for its underwriting below and more flexible models, suitable for sport, fashion or work.

They are waterproof and durable, which makes them a good value for money purchase. These are premium products with a higher price, but in the long run, that saves a lot of money, because once you buy a Lacoste shoes, you do not need to change for many years to come up. The drawings, in addition to being fashionable, timeless and are made from high quality raw materials. Choose shoes that fit perfectly and coordination with the clothes they wear. Lacoste trainers look as impressive, with its sportswear and casual.

There are many upscale shops and across the UK that sell Lacoste trainers. Online stores give you the ability to choose your pair of these shoes, sitting in the comfort of your home at any time of the day. They have size charts available from which you can choose the size and the correct order. They come with quick delivery options and the size is much cheaper than traveling in shoe stores.

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