History of La Quinta, California

La Quinta, California, a small but rapidly growing resort at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains. Just 30 minutes from the world famous Palm Springs, La Quinta is located in the spectacular Coachella Valley of Southern California. Known as the "Desert Jewel," La Quinta enjoys an incredible 350+ days of sunshine, low humidity and is home to 25 outstanding golf courses, whose career, Tradition Golf Club, PGA West and Hideaway. Appointed by Robb Report as the "best place to live for golf," La Quinta is considered a tourist destination - and is currently one of the fastest growing cities in California.

The current area was founded in the 18th century (est. 1776) by the Spanish conquistadors. He was known as the fifth place of rest for travelers under the influence of Captain Juan Bautista De Anza, between the passage of contemporary Mexico at the San Gabriel Mission in Los Angeles to Riverside and San Bernardino 60-100 miles. "La Quinta" is a word in Spanish. "Quinta" is known in Mexico as a kind of farm.

The Cahuilla Indians of the desert, hunters and gatherers, were the first inhabitants of the region. The area remained largely uninhabited until its annexation by the United States in 1848.

Development and modern integration

In 1876, the first regular trains began to operate from Los Angeles to Indio, because there was a plentiful supply of water in the Indio area nearby. Farmers were able to perform their crops of fruit, melon, citrus and date for metropolitan areas. The weather was also perfect for sweet corn, grape Thompson Seedless and Bermuda onion.

In 1927, Walter Morgan established the La Quinta Resort in the northern part of the "Marshall Cove" as a secluded getaway for celebrities and socialites around Hollywood, and things have not been the same since. La Quinta in California had 4,200 inhabitants in the census of 1980, then increased to 11,215 in 1990, the first stages of residential development in the city.

Today, La Quinta is home to several top golf courses and resorts in the United States. Its population has increased to nearly 50,000 and is listed as one of the most dynamic cities in California. La Quinta has a beautiful environment, abundant recreation and warm and stable climate which makes it an ideal place to live, work and play.

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