History Of Lenovo

Lenovo - Endlessly Complete Range Durable and reliable memory products:

Lenovo and Lenovo Group Limited is a Chinese multinational company based in Beijing, China, and North Carolina, USA. Originally founded in 1984 in Beijing Legend, they are now known (since 2004) as Lenovo. Today the company works with 27,000 employees in 60 countries and its products reach about 160 countries. Notably, Lenovo acquired the business of the IBM PC in 2005, which allowed them to have access to foreign markets and enhance their brand image. The acquisition was valued at $ 1.25 billion, with an additional IBM debt of $ 500 million that Lenovo took over. Following this merger, Lenovo ThinkPad reached the mark, which was one of the most advanced IBM PC manufacturing technologies and the IBM worldwide distribution network. Cell division is now third on the mobile phone market of China. Later, in 2011, Lenovo and NEC established a joint venture for the production of personal computers, Lenovo and NEC have 51% and 49%, respectively. This move was expected to increase sales of Lenovo in Japan in 2011 and 2012, Lenovo also combined with these smaller devices names and software companies.:

Median - T
he German company manufacturing electronic
Digibras - Brazilian electronic business
- S
oftware company based in the United States

Rich portfolio of high performance products:

Currently, Lenovo sells regularly:

personal computers
tablet computers
personal work places
electronic storage devices
IT management software
smart TVs

Most bought and popular product line:

Among them, they are best known for its line of ThinkPad laptops and Think online center workstations. The ThinkPad line is a laptop-focused business with a boxy black design, originally an IBM product. Since Lenovo took over the IBM brand ThinkPad brand sales doubled.

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