How and Why Brew Your Own Kombucha

A fermented beverage that can be done to your probiotic value kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented tea drink of Russian history of the Ural Mountains. To make kombucha you need a scoby or "mushroom". This is really a strange looking collection of cells that is a symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria. These cells act on sugar and tea to produce acetic and lactic acid and a detoxifying agent called glucuronic acid. This acid is something normal liver health product that neutralizes toxins in the body, but an overworked and overloaded liver can not produce enough of the acid to always fight the toxins that enter the body. Additional glucuronic acid entering the kombucha may help the natural cleansing process of the body and causes the immune system and work against cancer and other diseases.

Kombucha drink is not a difficult to do once you get a scoby. There is a Facebook group called global sharing of crop groups, kefir, kombucha, sourdough, Jun, etc., and this group of people willing to share their cultures to the cost to send it to you.

The kombucha recipe is simple. Brew black tea 3 liters of filtered water with 1 cup sugar and 4 black tea bio tea bags. After the tea was brewed, pour the cooled liquid in a bottle four quarters and add 1 / 2 cup of kombucha from a previous batch and put scoby above. Cover the bowl lightly with a towel or cheesecloth or a coffee filter and let stand 7-10 days (sometimes more in winter if it is in a cool place). It should be a bit sour and slightly effervescent without remaining tea flavor when ready to use. (If you let it go too long, it will have a strong vinegar taste. Refrigerate. Keep scoby and a small amount of kombucha side remain in your next batch.

White sugar should be used instead of honey or molasses or sugar Demerara. In addition, instead of black teas flavored tea is important because it typically produces higher amounts of gluocoronic acid material. Other teas can be used to make Kombucha, such as green tea, flavored roiboos black tea, white tea. Remember that there will be less acid gluocoronic other types of kombucha.

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