How to Brew Kombucha Tea

If you have tried the Kombucha tea, you know it's an acquired taste. Kombucha bought in stores can be found in many health food and green grocers across North America. There are tons and tons of people swear by the healing properties of this ancient culture that has been passed through 100 or thousands of years. While there are stories of remedies against cancer, and gray hair turning to their natural color, one thing is certain, Kombucha tea can be a healthy addition to your diet.

Buy tea is very expensive. You can expect to pay $ 2 to $ 5 USD to serving size. So if you feel like Kombucha, you may want to prepare a little at home. This article gives you the basic ingredients you need for home brewing. First, you need a Kombucha culture direct or scoby, with what is called a boot tea. This is very strong Kombucha.

Now you need a little loose green or black tea, sugar and water. Here! Here are the basic steps you follow then:

1) Boil a large pot of water and strong tea to steep for 8-10 minutes - I use tea bags jumbo home to make this fairly easy step.
Disorder tea leaves no cleaning.

2.) Dissolve a cup of sugar 10 cups of strong drink tea.

3) Put the cool at room temperature.

4.) Place your culture and starter liquid in a tall glass (must be glass) container and slowly pour the box for cooling tea.

5.) Place a paper towel on top and secure with a rubber band.

Have a little taste.
Gentle yet? Woops, too long. VoilĂ  - you just do a lot of home Kombucha !!

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