How To Build Dirt Bike Jumps

Building Dirt Bike Jumps

Are you tired of not being able to clear the jumps in their local groups?

A simple way to fix this is to build your own breaks in your backyard. The first thing you want to do is find a place to put the jump. You probably do not want to build the next tree or large well until you are more experienced.

Once you have found a good place to jump your bike, you must have other thoughts in mind, such as: what kind of jump you want, how big the leap will be, and what kind of dirt you going use.


If you want a jump that gives you motocross style also a good estimate of going through the ratio of 3 to 1. This essentially means that if you have a jump 3 feet in length, heel height should be 1 foot.

Then, if this jump is 9 feet long and a good time will be about 3 feet. By now you should understand where you are going to a dirt bike jumping and size it will be.

On the other hand, if you want a supercross jumping style that will be a little different. Motocross jumps are more progressive, while Supercross jumps generally have a greater angle and give you more height.

The main difference in the construction of a jump is supercross you want an inclination angle, therefore, instead of a proportion of 3: 1 may be 2 1/2: 2 or 1.

A couple more things to think about when building real heels is to make sure it is not progressive takeoff and suddenly, or you stood around and have a great chance to turn the bike in the air.

Also, you want to make sure that the take-off / base jump is greater than the length of the wheelbase motorcycles. If take-off is not enough, then it will not be a jump smoothly.

Got Dirt?

Once you discover what type of jump you want and how big it will be, then you must decide what to do about the dirt. A well made jump must have a good amount of clay in it, so if you are lucky enough to have a mixture of clay or clay soil, then use it.

If you have sand, but do not want to rebuild the jump every time you use it, you can always bring some clay. Build!

Now for the actual construction of the jump dirt bike ... If you have heavy equipment, such as a skid-loader, then great! You can always make a good jump, just take more effort.

In addition, you build muscle, if you do the work yourself! To reduce the low construction time almost half early, you can put newspapers, bricks, or objects at the base, then just collect dust on top.

If you jump on a hill or if the ground is sloping (with the jump up is easier) just dig dirt below the jump and battery in the base of the heel. Remember to keep it smooth and fill holes or drops, even if they are small. If you make enough dirt, so no need to dig before the jump, unless you want more air.

Remember ...

Just keep putting more and more dirt jump until you think long, then add a little more. Once you have completed the construction of the jump, you scan a couple of times and get rid of all the bumps or divots that may affect driving.

Another key to having a good jump is a good lip. The jump lip is the edge where the band bicycle. To make a good upper lip and simply ensure that flows with the rest of the jump. You can watch the side to see if the angle is progressive or not.

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