How to Share and Modify Content Similar to Google Docs

Google Docs is a free tool that Google and all you need is an account with them (and if you have a Gmail account, it means that you already have a Google Account). This tool works like a word processor online where you can upload your own files or create them there and then.

This means you can access these files from any computer with Internet access and is not limited to word processing, but also includes spreadsheets and presentations. Some of the features with their corresponding benefits that are included are that you can work from a template, you may add images or videos, forms, surveys, and supports most file formats. For presentations, for example, you can power point format, such as a spreadsheet or on the basis of a word processor with bullets, embedded images, and so on.

Just the ease of making documents and spreadsheets that are saved on the line and easily accessible from any computer makes it a good tool - for teamwork and joint presentations, it is an excellent tool. Google Docs will really beyond writing and editing documents and spreadsheets. It is the ability to share and edit documents with other users.

The first is to invite others to the document. You can even have your fully accessible or severely restricted document; you can publish it on your website or blog.

The other options are to send the document as an attachment to someone else can open either Google Docs or your office suite such as Microsoft Word.

Using the Google Docs interface is a much easier way to compile information between two or more parties than trying to synchronize Word documents by email.

It is easy to export hundreds of documents quickly into a zip file for backup.

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