How to Synchronize PC Files to Google Docs

If you are used to sharing their official work files, such as spreadsheets or presentations items to the current form allows you to send each file, one at a time to Google Docs. The procedure can be long and tedious. For example, you can attach additional files to an existing batch. There shortcut functions that allow you to drag and drop your files directly from your desktop to Google Docs cloud server. The function can be executed if you use Windows Explorer or on your PC. For example, if you are using Windows, click My Computer, then go to "My Documents" and choose the folder you want to transfer to Google Docs. Click and drag the file to the hero Cloud Drive on your PC. Unleash your file to the Hero Cloud space. The file or folder will be automatically sent to the Google Docs cloud database. Cloud hero is really a great feature to save time allowing you to work more efficiently.

Just note that Google Docs, you are only concerned with the transfer of files the same way you do with MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF. If for example you are a user of Google Apps Premier, you can easily use drag and drop in the hero Cloud program through the feature "any file" to store your files in Google Docs. This allows you to send and store different types of file formats such as video and audio. The files that you use in conjunction with AutoCAD, Quicken or QuickBooks can also be stored there.

You realize that the documents in the cloud assumes the functions of a backup system, despite the fact that it is located remotely in virtual clouds. This makes a big saving compared to other backup options. All changes made to a file on your desktop will be automatically updated in Google Docs. The automatic update of the files occurs while you are connected online.

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