How to Write an Ebook Using Google Docs

Did you know that Google Docs provide most of the basic tools that can be found in the paid programs like Microsoft Office? Google Docs includes a basic word processor that works similar to Microsoft Word without all the unnecessary bells and whistles.

The features you need to write an ebook

You really do not need many tools in your word processor to write an ebook. Basically you have to be able to write the words of the document, do some formatting (eg italic, bold size change), the ability to insert a table or an image and check the spelling. Alternatively a marker to mark where you need to see or touch in your ebook. Google Docs offers all this with the added benefit of having your eBook online and available to work anywhere they have Internet access.

Writing your eBook on Google Docs

The first step is to log into your Gmail account. Once logged in, click the link that says documents and you will be in Google Docs. Depending on the layout for your ebook, you can write your eBook in a document format or in a presentation format, it is yours. When you create a new document, you will see the screen is virtually defined as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer. Just start typing and formatting of your eBook as you like and insert images. The document will be saved automatically, but it is always good to save regularly.

Ending your ebook

If you need to review your eBook or modified, go to the Share menu and give access to your editor for the document for review. Once the ebook is complete, go to the File menu and select downlad as PDF. Google Docs will convert your PDF eBook for you too.

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