Improve Good Mood Food

It is increasingly known that nutrition is very important to help improve your mood. It is also known that by eating certain foods, your mood becomes worse. Should not include white sugar.

You get enough sugar with cereals and fruit. Drink a lot of water. No ice should be added to the water. In fact, when the icy water enters your stomach, which cools the walls of the stomach down too much for the food you eat, do not reach a welcoming environment in which can be easily absorbed.

Drink something warm, like herbal tea or even a black tea. You can even have a cup of coffee, better if made of barley. This cereal contains several ingredients that have a calming effect..This coffee gives you the blow of a real coffee, but it does not irritate your nervous system, nor the damage to your courage.

If you have breakfast early in the morning, you can eat a fruit mid-morning. This snack could also be a handful of nuts. If you are overweight, a fruit is better because it brings less calories.

At lunch, you have a large choice of food. Although it is not too fat or too salty, everything is fine.Try to avoid chips. Add a salad for lunch.

In the afternoon, you can also grab a snack. S
omething light. You can also have a natural fruit juice. Do not drink juice in the box, it contains highly refined sugar.

Have a light evening meal. H
eavy evening meals are not good for the digestive system. One more thing: do not eat late at night. Obviously these rules are for people who work normal office hours. If you work at night, you can know how to combine your meals.

If possible, do not eat anything before you go to bed and do not drink alcohol. These will improve your mood. It is always eating natural foods prevails. Most processed foods contain additives that could disturb him one way or another. And that's just as well, your mood is concerned. The choice of what you eat on a daily basis can make a difference in your well being mood.and.

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