Industry In Leicester

Historically Leicester has always been associated with clothing and shoe business. Although the employment profile of the city of Leicester shows the highest proportion of city workers to be engaged in manufacturing, more than 23%, there is no longer any major large employers in industries city. Capital of shoes, whose factory is in Western Road, is a rare survivor of the shoemakers, once thriving in the city. Founded in 1886, the company currently employs approximately 150 people who make shoes and boots for high-quality European and American markets. It also has a specialized line of men dancing shoes. The weekly turnover of the company is about 5000 pairs of shoes.

Cute and cuddly, producing a range of baby clothes, it is one of the few major clothing manufacturers still be found in Leicester. Its plant is in Vulcan Road, which was the traditional heart of the garment industry in the city.

Probably the biggest employer linked to the construction industry is Aggregate Industries, which, unsurprisingly, produce and supply aggregates.
In the construction sector are Caterpillar, who meet in small vehicles for use in the construction industry in Desford.

Originally founded in 1849 in Southgate Street in the city, the brewery Everards Leicester is now located in Narborough. Is proud to be known as a family business, Everards is the local beer drinkers for Leicester. It produces several beers to traditional bitters sides Tiger and Beacon, being well known as a producer of a variety of seasonal beers.

Also with its principal offices in Narborough is the construction of Alliance & Leicester company employs several hundred people in its main offices. Formed in 1985 by the merger of the Alliance and Leicester and building societies, it became the first building society to buy a clearing bank when, in 1990, bought 'Girobank'. Nationwide, Alliance & Leicester employs more than 9,000 people.

Fox Industries at Newtown Upthank is a leading manufacturer of electrical components in the UK. They produce all of Uninterruptible Power Supplies filters and high complexity converters.

Most often associated with Kidderminster in the West Midlands, Creative Carpets Quarry Lane, Enderby, are relatively new production company in Leicester. Carpet production mainly for the UK market boasts of using British wool in their products.

Founded in 1970 limited Jemsox began life in 1934 as Debonair, producing socks for children of matter and 'advanced' - Nylon. A number of small clothing manufacturers that continue to do business in the city of Leicester. Too many to name them all, they include companies such as; All corporate clothing, Madhu Manufacturing, Raymond Chivers, Gulwant S Bains, Caroline M Stones and Razi Khan. Many other clothing manufacturers have moved out of town, as a specialist in outdoor clothing Bruntwood Company, who are based in Hinckley.

Dreamworld in Ivanhoe Street Leicester specialize in dance wear clothing. An old established company producing dance wear ballet costumes to prom evening dresses. Since 1974 Fashionware Manufacturers Limited, or FML, produced jeans and casual pants its plant Gypsy Lane. FML is now one of the largest employers in the industry of manufacturing clothing Leicester.

Leicester also has all the companies that make up the so-called "service sector" and its core manufacturing history. Founded in 1989, its biggest claim to fame is being the original label who then called Oasis signed emerging band. Property main office files "is on Charles Street in the city center.

Surpac Minex is a software development company specializing in the support of mining software. Unsurprisingly, given the past history of coal mining in Leicestershire its principal offices in the UK are in Coalville, Leicestershire.

The main computer support provider for local businesses is Ulysses Limited in Troon Business Centre Humberstone Lane. They can provide remote assistance or onsite for companies with IT problems or development issues.

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