Introduction To League Of Legends

One of multiplayer online games which have been climbing the popularity charts of continuously in recent years is the League of Legends. Produced by Riot Games, it was designed for PC and Mac, however, the latest version was then shelved.

League of Legends has the additional option to use 3v3 MOBA for variety, and the Dominion game style. In the Dominion style, players must stop and take 5 goals points to reduce the health of the enemy Nexus. The game this way was designed to offer a gameplay with better speed.

everage points

When playing League of Legends, players use points of influence as the main currency. The overall gain depends on a lot of factors, including the level of moderator, the result of the game, plus the amount of bots in the game. Players can also use points of influence, known as IP name, for buy items in the game, like the runes and champions.

oints of shock

This is an alternative currency offered to players, and can be purchased through PayPal, prepaid Riot Point game cards and debit / credit cards.

Players can also earn free Riot Points from other activities, including recommend this game to your friends.


Runes provide a kind of personalization to the League of Legends. Players are allowed to amplify a variety of statistics such as health, regeneration manna, movement speed, damage and a number of other statistics, allowing them to play without changing the champion, but differently available options for the field and Rune.


Players have the opportunity to choose from a large number of champions, which continues to increase each week.

Players must use levers or shock points to unlock the champions before using them. However, many free weekly champions are available to play Summoners the opportunity to test the champions before buying. They are offered different types of champions. These include murderers, hitters, wheels, Janglers, tanks and support.

ated games

There is not much difference between the small and regular games, matches, but depending on the outcome of the game, players have a rank. It is called a system.The ELO rating system has shaped what is called "Elo Hell".

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