iTunes Offers Cool Math Games

As a teacher of mathematics teaching special, always looking for new ways to bring fun math games to students. Frankly, must say that if there is some technology involved, it's like pulling teeth with these children. So share some of favorite cool math tricks with you.

Cool Math 4 Kids

Cool Math 4 Kids is an online site that does exactly what it says. It has tons of free games for kids to play online. Children should anything special to play. All you need is a mediocre computer that connects to the Internet.

The games are flash games which means the game in small windows without downloading. Most computers have this already installed, but you can update your computer if you have not installed.

A.A.A. mathematics

Although this site is not as flashy, it does the job. It makes a great mentor and can be great fun for children.

In addition to math games, the site offers several other topics too. The site is free, although it does not ask you to buy a CD. U
sed the site for years and never bought the CD. He says he is at faster speeds.

iPhone applications

Do not give a specific website because there are many. The games vary and are as wide as there are children. You can sing-a-longs, manufacturers vocabulary, math games, foreign language games, and much more. The only problem you will have is to get your child on the iPhone! Seriously, even small 3 and 4 years of love playing games like "Wheels on the Bus" and "ABC Phonics" in this case. You will not have trouble finding games in the iTunes App Store.

If your child has trouble with math, then try to use the technology. A little technology goes a long way.

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